VENOBEU SECRET99 is a premium inner care essence product for Y-zone care and uterine health by enhancing women's uterine immunity. 

It is an essence developed by mixing natural active low-molecular peptides purely isolated and purified from snake venom and purely separated as a single ingredient, immune cell culture medium(NK cells) and lactobacillus culture medium. It helps to strengthen.

A woman's beauty and health begins with the health of the uterus. 

It is key to keep the vagina in a healthy state, to keep the lactobacillus environment in the vagina harmonious, and to restore the elasticity of the muscles inside the vagina. 

The natural active peptides extracted from snake venom and immune cell culture medium are absorbed through the vaginal mucosa, helping to strengthen not only the uterus but also the whole body immunity.  VENOBEU SECRET99 is an inner care essence that women of all ages should use.


VENOBEU SLIMLINE AMPOULE is formulated with ingredients such as riboflavin and carnitine in the optimal ratio to help restore healthy skin and maintain a slim line at the same time. Riboflavin, also called growth-promoting vitamin-B2, and vitamins which help the regeneration and formation of growth cells, activate the metabolism of cells in the body, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin, and help the skin to recover elasticity. In addition, carnitine is known as an anti-aging ingredient that plays an important role in intra-cellular fat metabolism, and it has an excellent effect in preventing wrinkles.

The natural active ingredients and various active ingredients contained in VENOBEU SLIMLINE AMPOULE help to break down fat. Because it removes cellulite, increases skin elasticity, and even regenerates the skin, it can smoothly break down the fat layer in the local area without undergoing procedures such as liposuction.

If you use an air-gun or MTS to deliver VENOBEU SLIMLINE AMPOULE to the dermal layer, you can experience even better effects. Because VENOBEU SLIMLINE AMPOULE affects the fat cells themselves, the yo-yo effect is small and side effects such as scars do not occur, so you can use it with confidence.


VENOBEU WRINKLELESS AMPOULE is a naturally active peptide ampoule that removes cytotoxin from Korean Gloydius Brevicaudus snake venom and purely isolated and purified as a naturally active ingredients, and it has excellent anti-wrinkle effects. Naturally active peptide, a low molecular weight structure of 400 Daltons or less, activates Nerve Growth Factor(NGF) and strongly stimulates nerve cells. By stimulating the nerve cells with reduced activity around wrinkles, it improves wrinkles in a short time and gives elasticity to the sagging skin, resulting in a tight lifting effect. You can get the effects of skin texture improvement, radiance and moisturizing effect, whitening and wrinkle improvement all at once.


VENOBEU REPAIR CREAM is a cream that can simultaneously achieve skin regeneration and immunity enhancement, as well as excellent inflammatory effects, by blending the natural active peptide component of snake venom and mamushi oil, which is registered as a cosmetic ingredients. In addition, it is made by mixing the best raw materials such as immune cell culture medium(NK cells), which is known to have an excellent effect on strengthening skin immunity, and asiatic pennywort extracts (contains the highest content based on cosmetics). VENOBEU REPAIR CREAM not only regenerates the skin, but also helps to strengthen the elasticity of the skin by enhancing the immunity of the skin cells, and it helps to keep the skin younger by improving various skin problems.