A New Legend Substance from Snake Venom, TXP-CNA02
A TXP-CNA02 is a small single peptide extracted and purified from cobra venom.

This core peptide of TOXION has an immune regulatory effect that ameliorates autoimmune diseases such as RA(rheumatoid arthritis), atopic dermatitis, or even PD(Parkinson’s disease). Moreover, its analgesic effect reveals prompt outcome on various types of pain. Based on these marvelous benefits of TXP-CNA02, we strive to move on DMF process to use as raw material medicine.

Main Functions of TXP-CNA02
1. Antinociceptive action

2. Upregulation of the protein level of podocyte-specific nephrin and downregulation of the level of fibrosis-related TGF-β.

3. Reduction of production of TNF-α, IL-1, and IL-2

4. Immune regulation
-Suppress CD4+ T cells/CD8+ T cells ratio and Inhibition of T cell proliferation 

A Powerful Antagonist of Snake Venom, TXP-KGU02
A TXP-KGU02 is also a small single peptide extracted and purified from viper venom. It regulates cell growth, proliferation, migration, signaling, and cytokine activation and release. This substance is a powerful potential candidate for antitumor agent. We extract and purify this TXP-KGU02 from Korean viper venom and will study through various in vivo tests. Our major target for this substance is to identify its clear mechanism and actions on various types of cancer.

TXP-KGI03 (Planned)

TXP-BMK02 (Planned)