Welcome, I am Younghoon Choi, CEO of Toxion Co., Ltd.
“TOXION” is a compound word of ‘Tox’ and ‘Zion’ which means we research the ‘Zion’ of ‘Tox’ in nature. We deal with cosmetics, foods, oriental medicine, animal medicine, raw materials for medicine, and complete product through exploring, researching, and considering the truth of ‘Tox’ which has been coexisted with humankind. We hope you to find health and happiness getting to know beneficials of ‘Tox’ through Toxion. Studying immunology through an alligator in 2003, we started a snake venom study in 2013. Beginning with the standardization of domestic viper(Gloydius ussuriensis) venom, we are on the work of standardizing and verifying the efficacy of venom, gallbladder, and oil of another viper and cobra species. Identifying the amazing efficacy of snake venom in the course of research, we have developed various kind of cosmetics and oriental medicines that are good for improvement of wrinkles, whitening, acne, atopy, pain care, and female disease based on the excellent effects of betterment on skin, autoimmune disease, and women's diseases. While we register a viper venom and its components as cosmetics ingredients in domestic and overseas countries and develop various products, we are establishing a cooperative system with many companies in recognition of products’ efficacy in market. In addition, proceeding standardization of efficacy and research through cooperation with public institutions, we are striving to contribute international research papers and patents. Adding all together, we are devoted to get an approval of snake venom peptide to be an individual-ingredient of medicines. Since 2018, Toxion has been interchanging technologies, which has been accumulated so far, with abroad hospitals and esthetics shop, and forming a global network. I hope you have a chance to consider the effects of various venom and our products through this website. Thank you.

TOXION Co.,Ltd. CEO Younghoon Choi