Isolation And Purification Of Peptides From The Venom.
We separate and purify peptides extracted from the venom of lives. Going through diverse In-vitro and In-vivo tests, each peptide is proving a wonderful effect on a particular disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancers, and Parkinson’s disease. Based on these marvelous effects, we are planning to proceed a clinical tests and to be approved in DMF. Ultimately, a new medicine utilized venom peptides is going to be launched and a medicine trend of whole world will be changed.

Cosmetics : Inactive snake venom and by-products of snakes
Extract a fresh venom from snakes and go through inactive process. Once the venom is gone through inactive process, it is safe enough to use as cosmetics ingredient. Moreover, the benefits of inactive snake venom stay as same or even better. By-products of snakes such as skin, gallbladder, oil, etc. are also great source of cosmetics as well. It is safe, and it hides remarkable effects on skin. We refine or extract by-products of snakes and purify to use as cosmetics ingredient. Feel the difference comes from nature!

Oriental Medicine, The History Of Wisdom And Experience
Various by-products of a snake have been used as oriental medicine in Eastern Asia. Such as Donguibogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine) and Hyangyak Jipseongbang indicates treatment of snake’s by-product as medicine. Our goal in oriental medicine area is to make oriental medicines to become scientific in structure and method. A lot of individuals from oriental medicine clinics proves safety, benefits and the reality of materials.

Health Functional Foods(Planned)
We research snakes, centipedes, and caterpillars for its benefits as health functional food. Their potentials as health functional food are promising and there’s marvelous secrets are hidden in those organisms!

Animal Medicine(Planned)
Cooperating with hospitals and oriental medicine clinics, especially with K-Veno Exterior Herbal Dispensary, we are planning to expand our business to animal medicine area.