Toxion means toxin cures everything. As phrase says, “Like cures like”, a disease can be recovered by venom.
Toxin has been researched for 5,000 years in human history. Old oriental medicine books such as Donguibogam, Hyangyak Jipseongbang, bencao gangmu, and so on indicate that venom can control various diseases. An old oriental medicine doctor said, “A great doctor ceases poison using by venom”. Our team has been researched snakes, scorpions, toads, centipedes, etc. In snake venom, We have identified and isolated peptides targeting Rheumatoid arthritis, skin cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and inflammation regulatory. Moreover, we move forward human health care with functional cosmetics and health functional foods. Every member of Toxion is dedicated to the company’s continued growth and evolution as a global healthcare and pharmaceuticals corporation. Our ultimate goal is to make the incurable disease-free world with amazing substances come from venom.