• ·Registered attached research institute and venture company
  • ·Established TOXICOM and BTMRC, research groups for SV
    (TOXICOM for oriental medicine doctors and BTMRC for esthetics)
  • ·Toxicity test study on raw materials from SV(KIST Natural Products Research Center)
  • ·Clinical study on efficacies and functionalities of SV cosmetics(Kangwon National University)
  • ·Study on the blood vessel-related organ control effects of SV extracts(Kangwon National University)
  • ·Developed microneedle patches based on SV extracts
  • ·Applied for two patents for treatments based on SV cosmetic raw materials(for acne and atopy)
  • ·Applied for patent for odor removal of SNAKE-OIL
  • ·Established TOXION Co., Ltd.
  • ·Launched VEOBEU, cosmetic brand for SV
  • ·Established TANGJEONSIL, to supply SV-CTX acupuncture for clinics
  • · Registered as a cosmetic raw material for SV(snake venom)
     (Korea Cosmetics Association, Code 19126, Viper Venom)
  • · Produced SSIL CARE, snake venom cosmetic for women’s inner care
  • · Produced SV-CTX, snake venom acupuncture for oriental medicine clinics