VENOX, Pain Relief Solution

VENOX VENO-FLEX (http://venox.o.kr)

VENOX®, an NTX PEPTIDE SOLUTION based on natural snake and bee venoms, applies the world’s first VENO-FLEX and REMIX LIPOSOME technologies, absorbs fast and exerts an immediate pain-control effect.



VENOBEU MICRONEEDLE PATCH is a product made with natural active low-molecular peptides, which is isolated and purified as a single ingredient after removing the poison from snake venom, madecassoside, and centella asiatica extract as major active ingredients.

It activates the synthesis of collagen, helps the skin to regenerate, and has an excellent effect on skin soothing.

When the VENOBEU MICRONEEDLE PATCH is attached to the skin, the active ingredients directly penetrate into the dermis layer through the microneedle, so that you can experience safe, hygienic and fast effects.

It is a product that can be used not only for wound healing but also for various skin problems.

Dr.Veno Spay

'Dr.Veno Spray’ is made safely using proprietary technology and the latest equipment. And Viper Venom and Xylitol meet to intensively care for the skin and have a relaxing effect. In addition, it quickly soothes sensitive skin by adding freshness and moisture.

Dr.Veno Mist

'Dr.Veno Mist’ has been refined with our own technology. By mixing Viper Venom, Growth Factor, and natural herbal extracts, it protects the skin from the outside and makes it moist. So, this product instantly relieves irritated skin and cares for skin condition.

Dr.Veno Essence

'Dr.Veno Essence’ has been refined with our proprietary technology. Snake Oil, mink Oil, and natural herbal extracts are mixed to have good skin affinity and permeability. With high-quality specifications, it makes the skin elastic and nourishes the skin's foundation strength.


VENOBEU MULTI BALM and BODY BALM are products that are concentrated in high concentration by separated and purified natural snake oil that is most similar to human fat.

It has excellent anti-wrinkle, whitening and moisturizing functions, and has excellent effects in relieving inflammation and protecting the skin barrier.

VENOBEU MULTI BALM is mainly used for areas with many wrinkles on the face, and VENOBEU BODY BALM can be used to improve skin troubles all over the body.


Venobeu Bubble Lifting Essence contains a separated and purified safe non-toxic snake venom.

The bubble is absorbed at a moment it is applied to skin, helping skin to improve elasticity and wrinkles by its lifting effects.


Peel-Off Pack contains safe, non-toxic, separated purified snake venom removes the remaining sebum and wastes of skin and even it makes skin smoother.


VENOBEU BODY LOTION is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as natural snake oil, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, lyoleic acid, and DHA. It regenerates the skin, prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin, helps in moisturizing and improving skin texture, and makes the skin barrier strong.

In addition, Ceramide NP to protect the skin and prevent moisture loss, dexpanthenol to help soothe irritated skin with its excellent moisturizing ability, Centella asiatica extract, a natural extract that has excellent skin soothing effect, and gives vitality to the skin.

Active ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, which help maintain healthy skin, help keep skin healthy.

No matter how good a product is applied to the skin where the skin barrier is broken, the active ingredients are not absorbed and stays only on the surface layer of the skin.

The natural snake oil component contained in VENOBEU BODY LOTION restores the damaged skin barrier to a healthy state.